Why Tonebleed Band?

In the beginning was the brief idea... When Nils was visiting me (Raffael) one day we hung out as usual. Somehow, we always end up talking about some crazy science and tech stuff. This time Nils explained his latest thoughts on creating a space for musicians, where they could exchange their ideas and work together on different projects. By that time, I had already started my UX design agency and was very much into getting new things going. So I said to him: "you know what, this sounds amazing, let's do it!" And so we set up some meetings, started talking and wrote everything down, that came to us. After numerous meetings and quite some time, as well as countless market research sessions, a new idea became apparent. By looking at our own workflows as a band, we've noticed, that we always ran into the same problems over and over again.

Our workflow looked something like this:

guitar player (Raffael) has a riff idea → creates a tab in guitar pro → shares it with the other guitarist (FF) in the band and our drummer (Nils) → both have new ideas and start editing and creating new versions. And easy as that, there's your total file chaos.

Sometimes riffs become songs, sometimes they just wait for the right song to come. This can take quite some time. Sounds familiar?

So we started asking our friends, if they had similar issues.... and they did.That's when we decided to take things more seriously.

So we pitched our idea to Chris, who's also a drummer and knows a thing or two about software development. After he'd understood what we had in mind (our idea wasn't clear at all by that time) it wasn't very hard to convince him. Since then, more than a year has passed and what was a brief idea at first, manifested in a clear mission: we want to take songwriting to a new level, by bringing people closer together and giving them opportunities to get more creative than ever. As a band and as friends.

We love music and the feeling that comes with it. Creating your own stuff with your friends, in an old bunker, enjoying a beer... or two... Especially, when the pieces finally fit together and form some kind of song, that you can't stop playing, because it sounds and feels great. Creating more opportunities for you to enjoy that particular feeling, is why we're doing this.

The faces behind Tonebleed


Initiator and dreamer (just look at him...)

At the age of 10 I started playing drums, had several bands and got quite quickly into metal music. I soon got very interested in bands like Meshuggah, Danza or BTBAM loving complex drum patterns and song structures. Challenging myself and my band with weird polyrhythms is always fun. Making music and writing songs will always be a part of my life, but working with it takes it even to a whole new level.
Being an electrical engineer working with embedded systems provided me with quite some technical knowledge and having friends in UX Design as well as Software Development was all it took to get things started for Tonebleed. Now I am very excited to bring everything I've learned so far and love about my previous career and making music into our own product!


Kind of a driver and creative

I've always dreamed of becoming a professional metal guitarist... But things turned out quite different. I didn't want to study pop guitar, so I went with IT and UX instead. And now here I am, still playing metal, writing songs, recording here and there, still loving music. This is why I'm very glad that all things I enjoy doing the most are coming together in a product that I'm so passionate about.

Giving you guys out there a new way for writing songs and getting even more creative than ever before, is what drives me! I sincerely hope, that you'll like what we do here at Tonebleed and get some use out of it.

Because all we do, is for you!


I love what I'm doing

What can I tell you about myself? I started playing drums when I was 5 years old, but for years I went only with the marching band style. Be it drums, percussions, guitar, or an ukulele, I love trying stuff. I love sports, music, tech, and many more. But what really defines me is that I'm always passionate about what I do. I love bringing this passion to people around me and deliver awesome things to people who need them.

Tonebleed is what we do, so that you can do all the awesome things you want do to and I'd love to see that you're going to love Tonebleed as we do.

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