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Tonebleed Band takes your band collaboration to the next level: remote songwriting, riff management & communication

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Do these problems sound familiar to you?

Multiple DAWs not working together seemlessly

  • Different DAWs used by band members
  • Sharing active projects is nearly impossible
  • Working on the same song is difficult
  • Some band members find DAWs too challenging

File Mess is real

  • “is brutal breakdown final_final #2 the latest file?”
  • Naming and managing files with others gets messy
  • Different song versions exist at the same time
  • Browsing through stored ideas is slow & impractical

E-Mail & IM = Communication Chaos

  • Song / riff comments get lost in traffic
  • Important stuff gets mixed with unimportant stuff
  • Task management is difficult
  • Keeping track and finding specific messages is hard

Large Toolsets are expensive

  • Some band members lack important tools
  • Other bands/people use different setups
  • Certain tools don’t work together at all
  • MIDI imports with different Channels are .... fun

Introducing your over all problem solver

The new place for your music and your band life


Ultimate guitar riff library

Never lose good ideas again. We'll make sure, that you'll find them when you need them.


Remote songwriting with your band

Work together on song parts from everywhere, no matter what your recording setup looks like.


Comment new ideas

Let the others know what your thoughts are on specific riffs or parts.

A new era for song writing

By creating new ways of (remote) collaboration and song writing, we'll bring your band closer together.

Just like you, we're musicians.

Luckily, we're also tech nerds that enjoy building software and apps - Hi, we're Tonebleed Music Technologies and this is!

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